Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Parade Continues ... judy datesman

July 15 – Still watching the parade at the Fête des Brodeuses! After 25 years of being an enthusiastic spectator at these festivals, I am particularly struck by a couple of things. First, I'm always impressed by how many young people participate as musicians and dancers. They invest their time and energy in their group and the traditions that their group represents, and I think that is a splendid experience for them at the same time that it ensures that these traditions will not be lost. And second, the level of interest and appreciation on the part of the festival organizers, participants, and spectators transcends geography. Of course there is pride in the local color! But there are almost always folk groups from other parts of France and indeed other countries, and there seems to be a global understanding that although the traditions may differ, the reasons for maintaining and sharing them are universal.

And so let us wander a bit farther afield ...

This group came from the region of Berry, south of Orléans towards the center of France.

I'm having a senior moment about these dancers ... they are charming children in rather a different style of costume. (Anyone who recalls where they are from should feel free to post a comment!)

This is a Breton folk group which has created a dance program that is certainly original – using cardboard boxes as dance accessories!

Lisbon, Portugal was represented by this group ...

And this group I had to look up on Google: the Kanaks de Célénod. They are from New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and as is often the case with groups that come from afar, they appear in other festivals and will be performing in the area for two months.

It was a super parade all the way around! And I had a chance to stroll a bit down a memory side-lane, which I will share with you in my next blog ...


  1. Thanks Judy, next best thing to getting to be there....

  2. I have just discovered this blog, and I am enjoying it so much. These photos of the parade are so great. laurie

  3. Another great post & fabulous pix, thanks Judy for sharing the magic.
    And "Hi" to Laurie who just found us, hope you come back and see us again soon.

  4. Excellent pics Chris, you and Judy make a great team on this feature

  5. I'm spending a lot of time this week in France - between your photos and the Tour de France on TV. ALMOST as good as being there.