Monday, 27 July 2009

Last Quimper Auction of the Season ... judy datesman

July 27 – Some highlights from Saturday's auction ...

This platter by Robert Abraham Barjou (1907-1938) clearly shows the influence of the Ar Seiz Breur movement on artists of the period. I like many of the creations from this Breton art renaissance movement, but some of them are so rigorously geometric that I find them cold. The platter is a rare piece, depicting the carrier of the banner in a Breton pardon procession, and the gavel price was 1450 euros.

FANCH, as François Marie Caujan was known, produced many small figures and groups of figures, including marriage processions (one of 9 such groups sold at this sale for 720 euros). A larger figure by Fanch is rare, and this young girl from Plougastel, almost 12" high, brought 650 euros.

It is my opinion that the snuff bottle market is the Quimper market that has fluctuated the most in the last 15 years; it goes up and down like a yo-yo. Right now, it's on an upswing!

It is possible that this extremely rare snuff depicts Jacques Cartier – the inscription says "au tadac du Kanada" (spelling was not always the strong point of the painters). Aesthetically speaking, I don't find it sensational, but it is indeed quite unusual, and it brought 3500 euros.

This snuff is not nearly as rare – in fact, one of these shows up at most auctions – but its glaze was particularly well done. It sold for a surprising 600 euros.

I can appreciate the Odetta designs and especially the intricacies of this stoneware production, so different from painting on faïence. Sometimes the glazes can be spectacular, like the brilliant charcoal and cobalt colors. Nonetheless, it's not something that I hanker to own, but this vase by Alphonse Chanteau, with hydrangeas, clematis, roses, and passionflowers, could change my mind. Gavel price 3600 euros.

And I learned more about my Camembert holder. A good Camembert runs when it has been cut, and this style of holder will keep it from running; I guess other people shared my feelings about its utility, because it did not sell ...

Thanks to Philippe Jamault for the photos!

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  1. Judy, thanks for sharing these photos of the latest auction. Makes me appreciate my small collection of snuffs all the more. Quimper snuffs always bring to mind Ann's cherished friendship and how much I miss her.