Monday, 20 July 2009

Just for fun ... judy datesman

July 20 – The auction season is not quite over yet! The latest one, this past Saturday, did not bill itself as a Quimper pottery auction, although it included about 75 lots of faïence. There were several PB plates, some Sévellec, a number of figurals old and new, and this wonderful Maillard piece, which I had never seen before.

It's a variation on the Jolly Cook form (this is the summer of the Jolly Cook!) – the two Breton ladies are facing each other, each with a small bowl in her hands. But these two are not pitchers – they are oil and vinegar cruets, and their heads are the stoppers!! Imagining the logistics of pouring oil and vinegar from them does give me pause (I have never really been able to figure out how it should work for any of the one-piece oil and vinegars), but the piece is so much fun that who cares!

There was a period when Quimper tile frescoes, particularly those designed to fit in wrought-iron table frames, were quite the thing. Bel Delecourt is very famous for hers, and there are also a number of them in the Guy Trevoux style (in fact, I have one myself – a black background with red and yellow flowers). This fresco, framed for a wall, was done by a contemporary artist, Youen. It features a still life, with the day's hunting catch – the choice of theme is what makes it unusual ...

And finally, I very much like posters as an art form, and the old train travel posters are especially charming, even when they show signs of age and wear, as this one does. Dated 1914, it was created by artist Georges Meunier. Here we see the Aven River at high tide, and the Bretonne from Pont Aven is giving a taste of milk to her little one, both wearing the coiffes of the town. Luckily I don't have wall space for posters – that's another realm of collecting!

By the way, the last auction of this month is coming up next Saturday. You can check it out on line.


  1. Another most interesting contribution of information Judy! I would have been sorely tempted by the Maillard, I like the others as well.

    Thanks for all!!

  2. I'm really enjoying your posts & the glimpse of a side of Brittany that most of us don't see. I have a large jolly cook figural jug but had never seen the oil & vinegar before.

  3. LOL ....Oh dear, I've just realised I'm getting to be a Jolly Cook shape :-( :-(

  4. Judy, my jolly cook figural jug is one of my favorites so like you I'd say "who cares" if the oil and vinegar form doesn't actually work. What a fun piece! Thanks for sharing more wonderful photos!

  5. Can you tell me where I can obtain Breton table linen? the label on a cloth given to me last year by a relative from Le Guilvinec says "Gildas le Minor. Pont L'Abbe, Bretagne" Help please.
    Sally Baker