Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Breton Birds ... judy

I have a thing about birds - I really like them! I've always thought birds were interesting, pretty, and all that, but I have come to really like them. I like them eating seeds on the sill outside the kitchen window, and I like them when I go into a pet store, and I flipped over the falconry display at Puy du Fou (a theme park where we went for Marcel's birthday in June) - a new project for when I retire!!

Because life in Brittany is so intimately connected with the land and the sea, it is not surprising that images of the flora and the fauna of the region have an important place in its art. Bird motifs are found in every medium, and today the pictures will do the talking ...




I wanted to include a photo of MY birds - Charles and Petula - who are not Breton but were rescued from a Quimper auction house. They are yellow-fronted canaries from Mozambique, and they live in a flying cage in our garage, up against a window. They hate to be photographed, and I was unable to get a picture of them for this post!You will have to come to visit them in person ...

Credit for the above images: old Quimper birds (in the public domain), Le Minor embroideries old and new, Marie Toulhoat (contemporary ceramicist), designs from Le Livre des 5000, Jean-Claude Taburet (contemporary ceramicist and sculptor), Philippe Lalys (contemporary ceramicist), Bijoux Toulhoat (contemporary Breton jewelers).


  1. I love these birds, particularly the Toulhoat pieces.....

  2. Oh are after my own heart, as you likely know! What a splendid presentation of birds you have! I love the embroideries, and the brooch, and the Lalys ones, of course! REALLY some unusual and fabulous birds in this set! THANKS for posting these. Hugs, Cerélle

  3. I love birds too Judy, and bird watching. We see them outside the kitchen window and can also see the bird bath. One day recently, when it was very hot, a cardinal was having a wonderful bath in the bird bath. He took his time and seemed to be enjoying it immensely, flitting about.

    Another interesting post, thank you!

  4. Beautiful post, Judy. I like the way you mixed the images of different types of work. I remember Charles and Petula. They have a charming home by the way! ~ Sarah

  5. Judy, I am wishing so much that I could come meet your birds in person! I love all of the bird images in your post, but of course, the Quimper really steals my heart. I don't have any pieces with birds on them. Darn! I guess I'll be looking for more Quimper!! laurie

  6. Better join the club, Laurie..and come to the big meeting sale! You are likely to find wonderful bird items..and other treasure to love!