Thursday, 9 September 2010

Barnyard Bash ~ French Style by Sarah

Paper Maché Figures from French Artist, Aude Goalet

Welcome to the French countryside for the First Barnyard Bash hosted by Happier Than a Pig in Mud.

~ Barnyard Bash French Style ~

8.5" Unmarked Manor House Plate

It's early morning at le mas, a typical french farm house.

8.75" Unmarked Soleil Plate

Le soleil rises over the hillside and . . .

11.5" HB Quimper Charger

The sound of Le coq is heard as he announces a beautiful new day at le ferme.

HB-Henriot Hen on Nest

Séance de poule is on her nest ready to provide fresh eggs for the day.

7.75" Unmarked Deep Dish Plate

One can hear the swishing sound of birds as they fly above the nearby pond, the elegant cygne noir gracefully glides across the still water.

Pair of Figurals Marked Rouen Decor Fait Main

Young Juliet and Jean Pierre are up early for their morning chores before they head off to school.

12" Malicorne Charger, Pre-Lawsuit Mark of Reversed P & B

Monsieur looks across his land with great pride as another day dawns.

Pig Bank Marked HB Quimper

Le porc can be heard snorting about the barnyard.

8.25" Plate Marked HB Quimper

While the spat of deux coqs echos through the barnyard.

Horse Figural Marked Rouen Decor Fait Main

Frisky chevaux gallop across the pasture in the morning dew.

Unmarked Desvres 3-Sided Tea Caddy

All is right in the world on this fine day.

Oil and Vinegar Server, First Mark Porquier-Beau

There is much work to be done in the fields and vegetables to be gathered from the garden.

Goat Figural Double Salt Marked Gaetan Level

La chevre helps carry the load from the fields back to the barn.

10.75" Malicorne Charger Marked PBx

There is the walk into the village for the morning market to sell some chickens and fresh eggs.

Unmarked Desvres 3-Sided Tea Caddy

And many chores for the lady of the house before days end.

Reverse Side of Oil and Vinegar Server, First Mark Porquier-Beau

Fresh water for cooking and washing is gathered from the well as Monsieur heads to the house at day's end.

Cat Figural Marked AG

Of course every ferme has un chat.

HR Quimper Jardiniere

And at the end of the week there is much singing and dancing to celebrate with a

A Barnyard Bash ~ French Style

9.5" Malicorne Plate Marked PBx

So grab a partner and dance yourself right over to Happier Than a Pig in Mud, our hostess for the First Annual Barnyard Bash. Also you are invited to join me at Hyacinths for the Soul for a Barnyard Bash ~ English Style. Hope to see you there!

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  1. You have been busy my friend! So many beautiful fun things, I just love it! To pick a favorite? Well, you know I'm partial to pigs and roosters, but I'm lovin' that goat! Thank you so much for joining in:@)

  2. This is an amazing post. Thank you so much for joining the party so I could read this.

  3. Oh my, all of your Quimper is stunning. I love all of your dishes and figurines. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh, my Sarah! This is the most gorgeous barnyard I've ever seen. What lovely pieces! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  5. What a marvelous French collection! I really enjoyed seeing all these, just beautiful, and so unique!


  6. Now this is classy barnyard chic! Love these beautiful pieces in your collection. And those paper mache' rooster and hen are delightful. My animals are in quarantine, as I have been much too busy to play with them. * sigh*
    They have not been out to play since the Rooster Party. LOL
    ~ Sue

  7. Hello,

    The photo n°1 is a plate made in the south west of France (Auvillar or Thiviers ?)
    The photo n° 5 was made in Nevers in the middle of 19 century

    Yannick CLAPIER

  8. Love your "French" barnyard...beautiful pottery!!!

  9. Great minds think alike! My Barnyard Bash post features Quimper animals too.
    Love yours, the narrative is so clever!

  10. I adore your set of cows and the rooster and hen at the top?--I'd love to have a set of those.

  11. What a lovely collection you have! The oil and vinegar jars are beautiful along with everything else.

    You told a great story with them!

  12. What a great way to tell a story through French Faience! I have a similar rooster plate and although it is simple it is one of my favorite pieces.
    -Katie Sledge

  13. Such beautiful Quimper pottery! I wonder why un chat has such a sad face? Did he lose his mouse?

  14. What fun ! Looking forward to more Barnyard Bash blogs

  15. Sarah, this little story is so cute, and of course, I love the photos of the appropriate Quimper pieces to go along with your story. Juliet and Jean Pierre have stolen my heart. What a beautiful pair of figurals. laurie

  16. Sarah, I love how you have linked your story together with such charming pieces of faience!
    Very cool, very clever, and absolutely charming!
    Some of these pieces I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing..Hugs,

  17. I love your vintage collection French style. Great stuff to share for today's barnyard bash.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  18. I love the roosters on your dining table. La

  19. This is very special. I love your narrative to go with these beautiful photographs. What a clever post. My Barnyard Bash post had a French flair, too. Go to to meet "Frenchie" the cow.