Monday, 7 December 2009

The Star of the Show ... jd

7 December 2009 - A quick note on the Colonial Exposition pieces ... the star of this sale was the "Femme de Fouta Djallon", by Anna Quinquaud, apparently destined to forever be the signature Quimper piece for the Colonial Exposition of 1931 - a beautiful sculpture!

She was estimated at 15000 – 18000 euros, and the gavel price was 21000 euros.

Another auction today, and then there will be time to catch up!


  1. Not a surprise that this was so is spectacular! A beautiful woman, sculpture, ceramic and emblematic of the Colonial Exposition for sure. The price is quite stunning, but I love it and am not surprised that many others do as well.
    It must have been great fun watching this auction competition! Thanks, Judy, for sharing.

  2. Judy, as Cerelle said, a beautiful piece.
    Look forward to hearing more...