Saturday, 12 December 2009

Chez les Taburet ... jd

12 December 2009 – Every year at the beginning of December, a colorful card arrives in the mail, announcing the date of the Taburets' Christmas exhibit and sale. Marjatta and Jean-Claude Taburet have been producing ceramics for 100 years, between the two of them!

This year, it was today, and Marjatta and Jean-Claude were very gracious about letting me take photos to share with you ...

Ceramics, terra cotta, sculpture, utilitarian piece, paintings ... everyone's first question is "What's new this year??" Here's a visual tour:

The fisherman on the left was featured on the poster for the Taburet retrospective at the Musée breton last year.

And there is too much light behind this last photo ... I wanted to show you Marjatta's luster glazes, which I very much like, especially with her red, and I bought one of the vases on the left that she said was inspired by a walk in the forest.

I was happy to be able to tell Marjatta and Jean-Claude that the Quimper Club would be meeting in Quimper in 2011 – they are already looking forward to it!


  1. Judy, what a fun event! Thanks for taking the photos so we could all see the Taburets latest work. The luster glazed pieces are stunning. I hope to see your vase filled with flowers from your garden this spring! ~ Sarah

  2. Judy, how interesting! Many years ago I bought a book by Marjatta, who graciously sketched in it for me. I didn't know they did landscapes as well, though it makes perfect sense. Some very nice pieces. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. What an amazing variety of artworks are here! They are certainly talented and original artists. I love the pieces in terra cotta..and many other items as well. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Great blog, as always!

  4. Thank you Judy for taking us through the auctions, it was fun to relive that experience! And to see the latest from the Taburet's is wonderful!