Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Faience and Flowers on Parade By Sarah

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." Lady Bird Johnson

Yellow Daffodils in HenRiot Quimper Jug Flanked by Yellow Faience Roosters

It's Three or More Tuesday with Tam @ The Gypsys Corner. http://www.thegypsyscorner.com/

Join me for a flower parade of Quimper faience that QCI members have shared for this event.

HenRiot Quimper Vase with Sunflowers, Gerbers, and Purple Asters

One thing I've learned about collectors of Quimper is that many are also avid gardeners and have a shared passion for flowers. They are also a group ready to share their knowledge, be it about faience or gardening or some other topic. As I said in a previous post, I cherish the amazing circle of friends within the QCI. It is always a treat to see correspondence in my inbox from a Quimper friend. It's a double scoop of joy when that email includes an attachment with a photo of faience, especially when the faience is filled with flowers from one's garden. Double the pleasure!

Welcome to The Parade of Faience and Flowers. Won't you stay awhile and "smell the flowers."

Unusual HB Quimper Strawberry with Rose and Alstroemeria

AP Wall Pocket with Petit Breton & Onciium Orchids

AP Wall Pocket with Petit Bretonne Filled with Oncidiums, Often Called "Dancing Ladies"

HenRiot Quimper Vase Le Coq Vase Filled with Red Poppies

Tulipière Marked with Single Red P

HB Quimper Camaïeu Blue Pitchet with a Bouquet from le Jardin

HR Quimper Soupiére with Yellow and Orange Tulips

Three Lobed HB Quimper Vase Filled with Alstroemeria and Fall Asters

Unmarked AP Secouette with Golden Thryallis

Alstroemeria Bouquet

HB Quimper Vase with Decor Riche Border and Fresh Sunflowers

HB Quimper Jardiniere with a Mix of Hydrangeas and Other Spring Blooms

HR Quimper Fleur de Lys with Alstroemeria Blooms and PB Plate

Group of Wall Pockets with Blue Plumbago, Yellow Bells, and Black-eyed Susans
Double Pocket HenRiot Quimper, Pair of Singles HR Quimper

HenRiot Quimper Vase with Decor Riche Border and Filled with a Bouquet of Roses

PB Cachepot with Fern and Savigny Bébé

Casual Arrangement in HB Only Horseshoe Shaped Vase

Pink Cyclamen in HB Quimper Cachepot

FF Desvres Fleur de Lys Vase with Spring Mix of Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, & Orchids

Springtime Bouquet in HB Only Jardiniere

HB Quimper Tricorn Vase with Fall Arrangement of Dried Pods

Jardiniere with Fern and Henriette Porson Figural

Unmarked Quimper Sugar Bowl with Colorful Zinnias and Fresh Basil

HB Quimper Jardiniere Filled with a Variety of Camellias

Petit PB Vase with Yellow Gerbers

That's it for my parade. Much thanks to Barbara, Doris, Eileen, Maggie, Susan, Twila, and Victoria for sharing photos. I hope you'll leave a comment and let me know what your favorite flower is.

HB Quimper Becassine Figural Cendrier and Porte-Cigarettes
with Baskets of Fresh Blooms

Then click here to march on over to Tam's for more offerings on Three or More Tuesday.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today." Unknown


  1. What a beautiful display and wonderful variety!!

    thanks for sharing them.

    barbara jean

  2. Good morning Sarah,
    You have picked a wonderful bouquet for us to enjoy today.
    I love them all!
    Thank you my friend for a month of excellent & informative posts.
    y'all come back now!

  3. All of them are just beautiful!

  4. Whaw, Quimper vases look realy good with flowers in them. I especially like the jardinière and the last wall pockets. Must say that I am usely not a big fan of Quimper goods but I liked the little bébé's. They are really sweet.

  5. You always bring it together in such an informative, nice way Sarah. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing flowers and pretty Quimper. Thank you for all your work this month of September. It has been most enjoyable.

    All best,

  6. What a lovely post.... its been a super month of blogs, many thanks

  7. What a feast for the eyes - bringing two of my favorite things together, faience and gardening. It is too hard to pick a favorite, they all are lovely and delightful in their own way. Thanks for the great idea, you've inspired me!

  8. Beautiful post...I enjoyed seeing all the different Quimper pieces. I had mostly seen only plates before this!

  9. They are all so lovely, it is hard to pick a favorite! Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sarah, this is such a beautiful flowers. Can't get much better than beautiful pottery AND beautiful flowers. laurie