Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Blue Monday Rooster Tale by Sarah

Welcome to Blue Mondays hosted by Smiling Sally. It's been a busy holiday, and I apologize for the late post, but wanted to share an interesting anecdote about a fascinating form from the production of the HB-Henriot Quimper faiencerie.

HB-Henriot Quimper Blue Rooster

A number of years ago, Joan Datesman, of Merrywalk Antiques, was at the Quimper Faience store in Alexandria, Virginia autographing copies of her book, COLLECTING QUIMPER. The Janssens, former owners of HB-HenRiot, were also present at the time. In conversation with the Janssens, Joan mentioned that she much admired the blue rooster and recalled that she had first encountered this charming figure at the Quimper airport where she had seen it displayed in a captivating exhibit organized by the Quimper faiencerie. Mr. Janssens, pleased to hear such a compliment, eagerly related the story of the origin for the design of the blue rooster. It seems he was in Paris, when he wandered into an antique shop and noticed a carved wooden rooster atop the end of a long pole. Its purpose had something to do with cooking, and the pole being planted over the fire, such that when the fire was hot enough the rooster would twirl. The piece was several hundred years old, and very, very expensive. Mr. Janssens asked permission to photograph the piece. Permission was granted, several photos were taken, and Mr. Janssens returned with them to the faiencerie where he turned them over to a young girl who was a very fine model maker. The result was this fascinating and unusual folk art rooster. Mr. Janssens considers the blue rooster one of the most successful forms created during his tenure at the faiencerie.

Large HB-HenRiot Qimper Folk Art Rooster;
Small HB-HenRiot Qimper Rooster;
Montgolfier Rooster

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  1. Interesting! Happy Labor Day. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. those are lovely pieces! I actaully really like them in the blues, so vibrant!

  3. I 'came over' as suggested and I learned about something I've never heard of before!What beautiful pottery! and gorgeous colourful photographs as well.

  4. Who doesn't love roosters?
    Thanks for sharing the story with everyone.
    a bientot

  5. I love your roosters, and they look absolutely beautiful with the sunflowers. I think blues and yellows are such a beautiful color combination.

  6. Such beautiful pieces. And I love the sunflowers with them!

  7. So interesting to know how this model came about Sarah, beautiful setting too.

  8. I have never heard of Quimper; this was really interesting! I love those roosters!

  9. Like Elizabeth, Quimper is new to me. I'm glad you dropped by my Blue Monday post at Sacred Ruminations and invited me back here to see your lovely roosters and learn something new too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Thats a very interesting story. The blue rooster is fascinating. Its colorful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Sarah-
    Loved reading Paul Janssen's story about the blue rooster! Who knew! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a wonderfully EDUCATIONAL post, Sarah! I've learned several new things in just the few minutes I've been reading. I can tell you were a teacher prior to retirement & now you continue to teach through your blogs. Thank you again for the lessons!

  13. What beautiful pottery! and gorgeous photographs as well. I love it all...I am having a give a-way and would love it if you had the time to stop over