Sunday, 23 August 2009

Two (or more) passions combined Maggie Bryant & Doris Long

I think that by now most of you who follow this blog will probably have gathered that the Quimper Club is celebrating its 10th Birthday this year.
One of the Club’s Charter members, Doris a collector of Quimper for over 25 years, wrote an article that appeared in the Fall/Winter issue of the Club Newsletter in 1999.
It was entitled “Two Passions Combined” and with Doris’ kind permission I am sharing a short extract with you in today’s blog, illustrated with Doris’ own photographs.

“On a day in 1989 my Victoria magazine arrived in the mail. Scanning its pages, I found the most fascinating person, whom I just had to learn more about.

This was artist Tasha Tudor, and I was enchanted by her love of dolls, the doll family she had created, her doll house which held such little treasures, not to mention her passion for gardening.

Later a doll was offered for sale whom I named Anna Belle and I commissioned Marjorie Tudor to make a groom for Anna Belle, (William Andrew Billingsley).

A few years down the road I added Euphenia Fenno Tudor to the collection.

I was lucky enough to win her in an auction, completely handmade by Tasha and costumed by her with Joan De Gustos’s assistance.
It has been a great delight to be able to combine two passions, in miniature.
In the kitchen I have displayed Quimper plates, a collection of Santons and handmade Nantucket baskets made by a friend.

Life would be pretty boring if we couldn’t remain kids at heart”

In 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting Doris in her beautiful home and seeing her stunning collection for myself.

Although Quimper is the main focus the collection does include other French faience including pieces from Nevers, Malicorne.
Reflecting her love of the sea an interesting selection of Fouillen pieces from the pecheur series.

Doris has a particular fondness for jardinières and as a keen gardener always keeps them filled with fresh flowers from her garden, whenever possible.

Always an involved member of the QCI, Doris wrote an article entitled "Les Provinces, and more......................." which was published in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of the Journal.

In this very informative article she discusses the series "Provinces Francaises", yet another genre close to her heart, produced by the Grand Maison during the first half of the 20th century.

For more information on Tasha Tudor visit


  1. What a wonderful collection Doris has !

    There will be an article of interest to fans of Doll houses in the Winter 2009 issue of the Journal.

  2. I should just say to all that Maggie gets credit for the first beautiful arrangement of flowers.

  3. Maggie and Doris, I much enjoyed this post. I'm a fan of Tasha Tudor, dolls, Quimper, and gardening. You covered it all! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy week to both of you!

  4. Doris, I've enjoyed these glimpses of your collections - kept clicking on the photos to enlarge them! Didn't work. Thanks to you and to Maggie - loved the flowers too.