Sunday, 30 August 2009

Au revoir.......................Maggie Bryant

Summer is almost over and so too is my stint as this month's blogger.

I have enjoyed sharing thoughts about Q & other things, with you and I hope that you have found them interesting.

If you've enjoyed my ramblings over the past four weeks pop over to my Normandy Life blog from time to time and stay in touch.

Sarah A will be taking over as guest blogger in September.

Most of you will know her through the QCI and may also know that she will be co-hosting the QCI Annual meeting in Dallas in October.
Other newer readers of this blog will know her through her own blog, Hyacinths for the Soul.
(Note to QCI Members only: if you have a personal blog which you would like to link to the QCI blog then email me your details and we'll link to you.)
The Cercle du Soldat plates which featured in the Rooster party post seem to have been a big hit so I thought I'd share a few of the other decors with you in this final post.

Before I sign off today, I have been asked to pass on a request to all members of the QCI.

Club member and author Rita Euzet is currently researching the work of Eugène Blot in preparation for an article, which she is planning to write.
She is looking for photos of statuettes signed BLOT or E. BLOT or EUG. BLOT, and also any bearing the town names of Dieppe, Boulogne-sur-mer, Ostend and other towns.
“Je travaille pour un article, sur la biographie complète d’Eugène Blot statuaire boulonnais. Eugène Blot étant nait et mort dans l’Oise, cet article paraîtra dans la revue du Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches des Céramiques du Beauvaisis GRECB.
Pour cet article je recherche des photos de statuettes signées BLOT ou E. BLOT ou EUG. BLOT et le nom de la ville soit Dieppe, soit Boulogne-sur-mer, soit Ostende et peut-être d’autres noms villes.”

You will find details on how to contact Rita on the QCI Membership list found on the Members only page of the Club's web site.

Thanks for your company and support, keep checking back next month for Sarah's posts and all the up to date information on the QCI's 10th Anniversary party in Big D.

à bien tôt


  1. Maggie: Many thanks for a month of great blog posts, really enjoyable.

    I'm pretty sure the The Cercle du Soldat plates will be featured during one of the four presentations that are planned for the Quimper Clubs Dallas meeting. We also have five fabulous collections to's going to be fun!
    For members, do sign up for the meeting soon, for new friends why not take advantage of our special Introductory offer for New Members, details are on the green background, top right of this page.....

  2. Most assuredly enjoyed your blogs Maggie. Love those Cercle du Soldat plates too. They must be rarer than hen's teeth though. Thank you for the time you took to post blogs.

    All best

  3. Maggie, I enjoyed each and every post this month as well as my frequent visits to Normandy Life. Thanks for all the efforts on your part for this club blog. Looking forward to my stint as QCI guest blogger. ~ Sarah

  4. Sarah, much looking forward to your blogs as well.

  5. Maggie ... What a number of interesting paths you have meandered us along this month - the journey is often more important than the final destination! ... judy

  6. Maggie... You have done a great service to the Club with this the creation and management of this beautiful site!