Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Reminder of how to post a comment by Maggie B.

Susan C has asked what is a RAK?? Thinks we Brits talk funny!

I knew that someone would ask, so for anyone else who wasn't aware of the meaning, a RAK is a random act of kindness, and one lucky person who comments on our 50th blog post will receive an assortment of faience related goodies.

There is a list at the right hand side of this page of all our previous blog posts so you will be able to see when the big 50 is approaching.

You can comment on any of our posts, no need to wait until we hit 50.

In case you have forgotten how to post a comment, the tutorial is included in one of the very first posts back in February and is also to be found in the Members Only section on the QCI web site.

Your feedback is always appreciated.


  1. HI M!
    Thanks for clarifying...and Brits do talk funny, but it's a good funny!
    I'd also like to publically thank you for the marvelous blog you have created for the Club! It's beautiful! What a labor of love! (labour, for you Brits!)
    Also, Maggie is kindly posting the pics for my blogs, since I am technically challenged! If there are no pics in one of my blogs, please check back at a later time to see the photos as they're posted.

  2. Maggie, thanks for all your efforts on the Q Blog. I've enjoyed reading all the posts and especially enjoy the photos you include. I only hope I can come up with something interesting and informative when it's my turn as guest blogger. Susan and the others have set a high standard! Kudos to all!