Monday, 6 April 2009

We're off ! - Gay Smith

Did you hear someone fire a starting gun ? No ?
April 1st was officially 'deadline day' for the Journal.
One or two articles have special permission to be a little late but for the most part we have the material to start putting the Journal together.
I can tell you right now that our featured form article "Menu's" is going to be just fabulous. Members have contributed pictures of some truly outstanding pieces, I'm green with envy !
Just look at this jester piece for example ......what a treasure !
What else ? Well, we have something about our upcoming Dallas meeting (you are coming aren't you ?) a piece about contemporary artist Bel Delecourt, an article about Saints (at last: we have been hoping for something on this topic for a long time), the second part of our Fakes and Forgeries feature and a 'Spotlight on Collections' that features a mother and daughter.....In addition several charter (or founder) members have written something about the Club as part of a celebration of our 10 year anniversary.
I hope you are tempted by something in the Spring/Autumn 2009 contents list, but please remember that The Editorial Board are always happy to listen to ideas for features, just let us know (maybe here) and we'll do our very best to oblige.......

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