Thursday, 2 April 2009

From the UK - Obama is here! - Gay Smith

This week London is hosting G20. Gordon Brown is hoping that it will end many of our problems and tells us that he and Obama are in agreement on many things: we live in hope......

Apart from the politics there is a lot of publicity given to the 'First Ladies' of the various attendees. Sarah Brown's much quieter style is being compared with that of Michelle Obama, Michelle's outfits are being picked over in some detail with many favorable comments. She really is quite stunning isn't she ? Whatever the politics, she is surely a great Ambassador for the USA.
The ladies have their own program to follow, escorted by Sarah Brown, yesterday they visited a cancer charity and Michelle was a big hit with all those that met her, putting them at their ease and generally being friendly.

Another fan of Michelle Obama's seems to be the Queen who it is reported has her asked her to 'keep in touch'. Official photographs taken with the Obama's frankly make the Queen look like a midget, she is just 5ft 4in tall, with a typical English rose complexion and piercing blue eyes, her photographs certainly do not do her justice, when you see her in the flesh she has a luminous quality somehow.....the contrast between her and the Obama's make her look old (she was born 21 April 1926) and a little frail, when in reality she seems to have a very strong constitution indeed.

Some Americans I have met seem to think that the Queen is just a figurehead here and does little, where as in fact she has a pretty full engagements diary and makes sure she is aware of current events not only in the UK but in other commonwealth countries too.,8599,1183855,00.html She is said to be very well informed and the personal warmth extended toward her, not just in Britain but in many other parts of the world, is not so readily given to younger members of the Royal family.

President Sarkozy's new spouse Carla Bruni, has not accompanied him here. Various theories, some rather cheeky, are given in the English press: Carla didn't want to be upstaged or the Sarkozy's wanted to wait until they could be photographed alone with the Obama's perhaps ?

Given President Sarkozy's stature I wonder how that photograph will look ?

PS. Pictures of President Sarkozy with Barack Obama show 5ft 6in President Sarkozy seemingly standing slightly on his toes....

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