Monday, 15 November 2010

Meet the Artists!

 Last Friday, the Quimper Club in conjunction with the Galerie Philippe Théallet in Quimper hosted a get-together with several ceramicists and a number of Quimper pottery collectors. Members of the Friends of the Musée de la Faïence de Quimper joined us, and the gathering was most convivial.

Gallery owner Philippe Théallet and author Antoine Maigné discuss Théallet's book about artist Patrice Cudennec.

Many, if not most, of contemporary Quimper ceramicists produce works in other media. Here artist Patrice Cudennec stands in front of one of his paintings, a gardener's patchwork. 

Artist Paul Moal's terra cotta sailors are quite Cubist, particularly the ones glazed in white.

Jean-Claude and Marjatta Taburet both have pieces in the gallery - behind them in this niche is a piece they collaborated on: Jean-Claude's Bretonne is holding Marjatta's plate. The Taburets say that they have a century of production between the two of them, and by all accounts, they are still going strong!

It was a treat to see Pierre Henriot, under whose direction the Faïencerie d'Art Breton has flourished in Quimper and has produced works by both Cudennec and Moal.

The rogues' gallery for the press ... We were honored by the presence of artist Bel Delecourt, who looked at everything and said to me that she was very taken with the Cubist sailors. I introduced her to Paul Moal, and he in turn told her that he had just bought one of her pieces the previous day at the antiques show in Quimper ... a fortuitous encounter!!

Many thanks to Philippe Théallet for hosting us at the Gallery, to Roger and Marga Reinstein of Cybergalerie Reg'Arts for organizing our lunch, to Bernard Verlingue for sending our invitation to the Friends of the Musée de la Faïence de Quimper, and to Yann Clapier for sharing his photographs. Q Club members who attend the meeting in Quimper next September will have the opportunity to meet these and other artists, and in the meantime, more events will be forthcoming ... stay tuned!!

judy datesman


  1. What a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Judy, it looks like a fine event. I look forward to next year's meeting. Love Jean-Claude's Bretonne holding one of Marjatta's plates. It's very clever and whimsical. And of course the coq along side is also a favorite. ~ Sarah

  3. What a treat for you all to have a preview of some of the artists work that hopefully Q Club members attending next years annual meeting will also be able to enjoy.

  4. Wish I'd been time perhaps