Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Welcome one and all

Welcome all Quimper collectors and enthusiasts to the launch of the Club's very own blog!
Cerelle Bolon 2nd VP and Web Committee members Maggie Bryant, Judy Datesman, Trisha Johnson and Diane Robinson invite you to log on and chat with our guest blogger, check out the Shelfari bookshelf and view the slideshow.
Want to have your say, then why not volunteer to host the blog for a month?
Contact us at quimperpix@gmail.com to learn the simple basic steps on how to become a blogger.
Just want to comment on the days topic? contact us @ quimperpix@gmail.com for the members only login information.
This information will also appear in the Members Only section of the QCI website.

1 comment:

  1. To those of us who LOVE Quimper, we look forward to talking to others who find this faience irresistible too! Each piece has a history and a tale to tell, and I hope we can share some of these stories with others. We love your blog, Maggie! Cerelle